Karuizawa Miyako Odori #864|輕井澤 都の賑い – 富本豊雛 57.3% 700ml

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【輕井澤 · 藝妓 · 繁花之都 · 富本豊雛 1999 #864】 日本威士忌 / 單一麥芽威士忌,單一桶威士忌 / 57.3% / 700ml 「繁花之都(都の賑い)」是京都每年春季舉辦的重大公開表演,雲集京都五花街(祇園甲部、宮川町、先斗町、上七軒、祇園東)多達 80 位藝妓和舞妓一起同台演出,讓公眾得以一窺這原本應是恕不接待新客人的花街世界,因此也成為吸引國內外眾多觀光客的年度盛事之一。 輕井澤特別推出「 繁花之都系列」,一組 8 款藝妓標,分別來自 1999 及 2000 年的單桶裝瓶,邀您一同感受神秘醉人的經典風采。 這款 1999 年蒸餾的 Cask#864 輕井澤,酒標採用喜多川歌麿的《高名美人六家撰 – 富本豊雛》,讓江戶時期著名的藝妓陪您共賞美酒。 — Karuizawa – Miyako Odori is a set of total 8 bottles of geisha label; each of them are from either a 1999 or 2000 distilled cask in single cask bottling. “Miyako Odori” refers to the biggest annual performance for the general public to experience geisha and maiko’s arts, which are usually reserved for a small well-connected audience or the important person. “Miyako” means capital city, while “Odori” means dance; the term literally means “Capital City Dances” (Kyoto used to be the capital of Japan). The performance takes place in April during the Spring time when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. 酒廠:輕井澤 年份:1999年 區域:日本 裝瓶商:官方 酒桶類型:雪利酒桶 瓶子強度:57.3% 瓶子尺寸:70CL 70cl | 57.3% Bottler: Series:Karuizawa Age: Vintage:1999 No of Bottles: Country:Japan Cask Type:Sherry Cask#864

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